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HMS continues to update white papers and other free collateral

We work on updating the vast wealth of collateral on the TimeControl website on a continuous basis. The site is one of the longest standing websites in the world and the materials on it can become dated as technology advances. In the past year we’ve made updates to factsheets, slide presentations, online webcasts and white papers.

Most recently, we have made updates to several white papers including the old Buy it or Write it has become a much more current Buy it, Subscribe to it or Write it. The paper includes a financial analysis that outlines the costs of all three options.  It is available for free for anyone considering this decision.  These main three architectural choices come down to:

  1. Buy timesheet software
    The main considerations for buying timesheet software and deploying it on premise is usually to have it work within existing security architecture or to have the underlying database available for integration with other systems.
  2. Subscribe to timesheet software
    The main reasons organizations elect to subscribe to timesheet software is for lower overall costs of ownership and to avoid the costs and complexities of internal technical support for maintenance and updates.
  3. Write your own customized software
    For those who have timesheet software requirements that are so unique that they cannot be met by commercial off the shelf software, they may need to consider the most expensive of options and write their own software.

We’ve outlined the major advantages and challenges of each of these three options and have given some cost comparisons.

We’ve also just updated the popular Research and Development Tax Credits with TimeControl.

For a complete list of free resources such as these, visit the TimeControl Website Resources area: TimeControl.com/resources.

Irma’s impact

While Hurricane Irma has had and continues to have a terrible effect on those in the Carribean and SouthEastern United States, it has touched HMS as well.  We have personnel we work with who live in Florida who safely evacuated last Friday and are now back at their homes but this has affected some of our marketing activities.  We’re happy to say that our people were not injured or suffer any damage to their homes but the disruption of this storm has long reaching effects that are still being felt and will be felt for some time to come.

Here at HMS we’re getting back onto what we laughingly call our normal schedule and we have so much news to share.  You’ll find the HMS Newsletter out today and other announcements in the days to come that we are very excited about.

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to IRMA relief, the Red Cross is a good place to start.