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We’ve got lots on the way for you

2016_300x169There’s so much going on here at HMS that we’ve been finding it challenging to keep up with keeping everyone informed.  But, now that 2016 is underway, we can start to get a few things scheduled for you.

Regular readers of the blog will have noticed a regular weekly pace of blog posts in the last few months.  We’ll be keeping that up starting now and are already scheduling blog posts throughout the year.

In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing some exciting news about all the goings-on here at HMS.  Some of the news already in the works includes:

  • New dealers in the UK and South America!
  • New technical alliance partners
  • New materials on the website
  • Development updates and projected schedules for the next version of TimeControl (including screen shots of some new features)
  • Client Testimonials
  • A brand new client case study
  • Upcoming travel of HMS personnel to different events

There’s lots to tell you and we’re working on getting it all onto the blog so you can keep up to date.

If you’ve not done so already and you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us on Twitter @HMS_TimeControl or subscribe to the new newsfeed subscription on the right hand side of the blog homepage.

Wow, what a year!

Thanks to our remarkable clients 2014 was a record year of growth and productivity for us.  HMS experienced growth in every category including services, TimeControl for on-premise, our subscribed TimeControlOnline service and even support services.  So, a big thank you to both our dedicated staff and, of course, our expanding clientele.  2014 was our 30th year of operation and 20th year of operation for TimeControl but we feel like we’re just getting started.
In 2014 we released TimeControl 6.7 and 6.8 including such popular and powerful features as the TimeControl Workflow engine and the new Accruals Module.  We also finally said goodbye to the last of our old ActiveX controls.  They continue to be supported as a legacy feature but new installations of TimeControl won’t even see them by default.
2015 promises to be even more exciting!  We are already putting the final touches on TimeControl 6.9 which is scheduled for release in February and design is underway for a major new wave of TimeControl which we’ll tell you more about during the summer.  We’ll be giving you a sneak peek at the new marquis feature of TimeControl 6.9 right here in the blog in the next couple of weeks!
So, 30 years of HMS history are now behind us but the best is yet to come!