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HMS and Microsoft have extended our long standing alliance

TimeControl within Microsoft Teams
TimeControl within Microsoft Teams

We were delighted to announce this week that HMS has renewed its technical alliance with Microsoft. This will make 26 consecutive years we’ve had a formal partnership with Microsoft which, in itself is remarkable. Most software companies don’t last 26 years but this alliance has thrived over these many years.

The relationship formally started when we first released TimeControl version 2 in 1995. We had decided that we needed a link to Microsoft Project which was then at version 4.0 with version 4.1 named ‘Project 95’ about to be released. Once we’d found the right people to connect with at Microsoft, our ability to work together moved quickly.

Since then we have integrated TimeControl with every version of Microsoft Project right up to the most recent. That includes Project for the Desktop, Project Server, Project Online and Project for the Web. We invest in this integration every year. It’s a constant for the TimeControl development team. Numerous HMS team members have links to multiple Microsoft staff. It’s a broad team collaboration.

Over the years we’ve leveraged many aspects of Microsoft’s technology including SharePoint, Teams, Office 365, SQL Server and the Windows Server operating system.

That will continue.

To read our press release on the alliance’s renewal, see: TimeControl.com/resources/newsroom/press-releases/2021-06-09

HMS Software has updated its Microsoft Technologies Portal

The relationship between HMS Software and Microsoft dates back a quarter century.  The two companies started working together in 1995.  This is one of the most enduring technology relationships in the IT industry.

TimeControl leverages many elements of Microsoft Technology and each point of connection between TimeControl and Microsoft makes our relationship stronger.

In TimeControl version 8.1 which will be available in the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing our latest link to Microsoft Project Technology – the “New Microsoft Project”.  This is part of Office 365 and is sometimes referred to as “Project on the Web” or in licensing terms as Project Plan 1.

HMS is a certified Microsoft Partner in the Project and Portfolio Management category.

HMS maintains a Microsoft Technologies Portal to highlight the many relationships TimeControl has with Microsoft Technologies.  Access to the portal is free.  It can be found at: Microsoft.TimeControl.com.