The Perfect 10 with IE10

Ok, maybe it’s not fair to compare Bo Derek with TimeControl but today’s topic is Internet Explorer version 10.  As Windows 8 is making its way onto more and more PCs, IE10 has become more and more prolific amongst our users.  In the last couple of weeks Microsoft has made IE10 available to a wide range of Windows 7 users as well and we have had numerous questions about TimeControl’s support of IE10.
If you are a TimeControl 6 basic timesheet user then you will likely find that TimeControl is supported without having to do anything new.  Some of our tests have shown that under some conditions, you must turn on compatibility mode in which case you can add your TimeControl URL to your list of compatibilty sites to ensure that compatibility mode activates automatically for your site.
If you are a TimeControl Administrator, or someone who must use one of the few remaining ActiveX controls in TimeControl (such as for System Preferences) then you will have to ensure that IE10 is running in 32bit mode.   Unlike IE9, Microsoft no longer ships two different Internet Explorer versions (32bit and 64bit).  Both are contained in the same system.  To turn on 32bit mode however isn’t obvious.  If you are in a situation where you must run a TimeControl ActiveX, then you can turn it on in the Advanced Tab of your Internet Options.  Scroll down to to “Enable Enhanced Protected Mode”, click it on and then click OK.  Close all browser windows and restart and hey-presto!  You’re in 32bit mode.

For most users this will not be required as it only applies to the handfull of users who must use one of those last few ActiveX Controls.  If you have any challenges with IE10, please let TimeControl Support know at

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