Free TimeControl Hosted Trial site update

We’ve had a free hosted trial site for TimeControl for ages.  We’ve recently made some major changes to the site to improve the TimeControl timesheet evaluation experience for prospective clients.  

Aside from putting the free hosted timesheet trial onto some hot new and highly performant hardware, we’ve also updated the data, upgraded the trial to our newest version 6.5 including the new TimeControl Report Designer and added and updated a range of evaluation tools for those looking for timesheets that are project-based.

Some of the key resources for evaluating TimeControl include:
Updated Free Hosted TimeControl Evaluation site and data

The site has been populated with evaluation data so users can immediately log into the system and see data in all the main features.  Users can instantly add a timesheet, approve that timesheet, do a report, do timesheet analysis and even post a vacation request. The look and feel of the TimeControl 6.5 timesheet system is highly intuitive.  Evaluation users are given Administrator privileges so no part of the evaluation TimeControl system is restricted.  Users should remember however that this data is open to anyone so it is not the place to post anything confidential. The Free TimeControl Hosted Trial site data is refreshed every night. Users registering for the evaluation will have access to the system for 2 weeks following which they must re-register to continue their access.
Users may register for the free Hosted TimeControl Trial at

Direct access to the TimeControl Online Learning Center
The evaluation site references the free TimeControl Online Learning Center which has a collection of videos showing the basic functions of TimeControl being performed. Each video is only 3-5 minutes long so it’s a fast and easy way to see how to add a timesheet, add a vacation request, edit an employee’s record, approve timesheets, report on time and more.
The TimeControl Online Learning center is now directly accessible from the TimeControl Trial site dashboard. The dashboard has been tailored for a trial and one of the things we’ve done is highlight learning and evaluation resources right on the front page.
Users can access the free Online Learning Center at:
The Timesheet Buyers Guide
HMS has put numerous resources and tools for choosing a timesheet into the Timesheet Buyer’s Guide.  This solution portal includes materials such as a Return on Investment Calculator, an Evaluation Guide which leads users through TimeControl the Free Hosted TimeControl Trial site from registration through all the basic functions. The Guide has a click-by-click format with screen shots and descriptions of what users will see as they go through the system.
There are also references to numerous white papers, webcasts and more.  The Timesheet Buyers Guide is free and does not require registration. 

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