Getting 2 copies of TimeControl going at once

imageIn older versions of Internet Explorer, you used to be able to keep two copies of TimeControl running at a time. For supervisors and administrators this can be very attractive.  They might want to be looking at charge code items in the table as one user for example while in another screen they do approvals. In IE8 and other more recent versions, this doesn’t at first seem to be possible.  This is because Internet Explorer caches sessions to be more performant in displaying a website.
Not to worry, the old capabilities are still there.  What you need in IE is a “New Session’ rather than just a new tab or new window.  A new session looks like a new window but is, in fact, a whole new instance of IE running at the same time.
To do this, start up your first instance of TimeControl then go to the File Menu (You might need to press ‘Alt’ to see it.  Now select “New Session” and a new window of IE will appear and allow you to relogin as someone else to TimeControl at the same time.

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