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TimeControl for Time and Billing – Solutions Portal

TimeControl is a remarkably flexible timesheet system that can be used to fulfill multiple requirements simultaneously.  It can serve as a time and attendance timesheet, a project timesheet and as a time and billing system. 

Some of TimeControl’s features that are ideally suited to a time and billing configuration including:

Easy to use interface
TimeControl’s easy to use interface can be updated from anywhere and supports a wide range of web-browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla.

Mobile interface
Every TimeControl also includes a mobile interface designed for use from your Smartphone.  Enter or approve your timesheets on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile 7 device from wherever you are.

Expense entry
When billing must include more than just the time, TimeControl’s expense entry allows you to capture non-labor costs within the timesheet.

Remarkable table flexibility
It is TimeControl’s flexibility of its background tables which makes it capable of fulfilling many requirements at the same time.  This allows us to group data by client, by project, by task and more.

Unlimited multi-value rates
TimeControl’s power rates system is highlighted in a time and billing scenario.  Create an unlimited number of project-based rates by person and have each rate code manage multiple values.

Powerful reporting and dashboarding
TimeControl’s reporting and dashboarding options lets us show summary and detailed billing reports by client, by project or by any combination of data.  We can even show detailed reports with both the internal cost and external billing price for any hour entered.

Links to external systems
TimeControl has been designed from scratch to link to many different external systems so you can integrate your timesheet data to your finance, hr, payroll, invoicing, costing and project systems simultaneously.Time&billing sol pg

We have created a brand new solution portal dedicated to using TimeControl for time and billing.  The portal includes some great new material including a webcast, a whitepaper , slides and more.

Access to the TimeControl time and billing solution portal is free at:

Project Specific Rate Codes

Rate management is one of TimeControl’s most popular capabilities. Each hour worked on the timesheet can be calculated against a rate value according to the rate table. The end user selects a rate code on the timesheet and as the timesheet is posted, TimeControl calculates the costs.

Each rate code has two values, which are most commonly use for the internal or direct cost of the employee and the external or billable cost. TimeControl supports an unlimited number of codes which allows for many combinations. One of the most common requests is to track project specific costs.

Because there are an unlimited number of charge codes possible for each employee, the amount calculated for each hour of work can be different for each project and for each employee. For a client with a lot of projects, the number of possible rate codes that could be chosen by an employee, could become quite extensive. TimeControl provides a function that minimises the effort required to choose the correct rate code and that increases the accuracy of the entry. This function allows a project- specific rate code to appear when the project is chosen. This rate code will take precedence over any employee defaults that have been specified in the Employee table. To use this configuration, first add the project-specific rate code to the Labour Rate Table as a Global ate code type. This is a requirement for using the project-specific rate function. If you desire an employee-specific project costs, then add a rate with the same rate code value but as an employee specific rate. TimeControl will always select the most specific rate code applicable with that rate code value. So, for example, if the rate table has a rate code called “Std” for Standard rate and that is a Global Rate of $50 and a rate code called “Std” which is an employee specific rate for John, then when John does his timesheet, TimeControl will assume that the “Std” for John is the correct code.

Once the Global rate has been created, then go to the Project Table, and locate the project for which you’d like this rate code to be specified. On the Project Details tab select the project specific rate code.

Note that only global rates can be selected.
Selecting the “required” button will ensure that only this rate can be selected on a timesheet when this project is selected.

When the project is added as a line item to an employee’s timesheet the project specific default rate code will be automatically selected. If a matching employee rate type has been created, the employee rate value will be calculated. The project rate code will take precedence over the default rate code specified in the Employee Table.

In this example, the P_SPEC rate was added automatically to the DA Project line item.