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HMS named Gold Partner by Oracle

For the 18th year, Oracle and HMS have renewed their technical partnership with Oracle naming HMS once again as an Oracle Gold Partner for the 2015-2016 season.  HMS is delighted to count Oracle among our key technical alliances.  Oracle_GoldPartner_300x80The relationship is one of the longest standing technical partnerships of its kind in the industry.

The HMS alliance with Oracle has many different aspects.  Back in the mid 1990’s, HMS started alliances with Oracle because of HMS’s support for the Oracle database and links to other Oracle software.  HMS also forged an alliance in 1997 with Primavera and joined the Primavera Partner program because of the links between HMS Software’s TimeControl’s and Primavera’s project management software.  When Oracle purchased Primavera many years later, these two initiatives became part of a much richer relationship.”

The TimeControl timesheet system now supports many different products that have become part of the Oracle family including the architectural support for the MySQL database and as links between TimeControl, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. We work regularly with Oracle to support our mutual clients.

The Oracle Partner program in which HMS has been named as a Gold Partner again this year is designed to allow software publishers such as HMS to work directly with Oracle to more effectively bring products and services to each other’s clients.  Thanks to our status in the Oracle Partner program our integration with Oracle-Primavera P6, for example, can be tested on pre-release versions.

Some of TimeControl’s value-added benefits when linking with Oracle Primavera include: multiple rates per employee, automated business rule validations, automated workflow, missing timesheet notification, simultaneous support for multiple versions of Oracle Primavera, both a browser and mobile/tablet interface and matrix timesheet approvals with HMS’s unique Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™.

We value our relationship with the Oracle team and are very proud to be an Oracle Gold Partner this year and for many years to come.

For more information about TimeControl and how it links to Oracle Primavera and other Oracle technologies, visit the TimeControl Oracle Solution Portal at: or contact HMS at

TimeControl 6.6 now available

Version 6.6 of TimeControl is now shipping.  We made both TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial 6.6 available for download for existing clients as well as available for new clients on July 4th and we couldn’t be happier with all the major new and enhanced functionality. This version of TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial is a big accomplishment and includes improvements that our clients will be delighted with.  The enhancements in version 6.6 are the result of the partnership between HMS development and our remarkable clients. TimeControl 6.6 includes a wide range of improvements and enhanced functionality.  Some of the most notable enhancements include: Multi-browser Drill Down Analyzer
Drill Down Analyzer HMS has enhanced one of the most popular TimeControl features ever created.  Using this tool allows administrators to respond to unexpected queries about the timesheet data in seconds without creating a whole report. The module has been rewritten into the multi-browser, multi-device architecture.  Now these queries can be analyzed on an iPad or mobile device.  New and improved Import Tables
Also improved is the Import Tables module with more formats supported and a highly enhanced interface with previews, simpler drop menus and more.  TimeControl / Hard Dollar and Primavera
We’ve enhanced the TimeControl link that supports the Hard Dollar cost management system and Oracle-Primavera project management system simultaneously.  Data between the three systems has more options, more data can be transferred and it is easier to keep all three systems in synch. Other features that have been enhanced, updated into the new multi-browser/multi-device architecture or rewritten include:

  • Timesheet List enhancements in the Filter function
  • Batch Release
  • The New User Wizard for onboarding
  • Default Charge and Rate for TimeRequest
  • User Profiles
  • Reveal Culture in Manage Languages
  • AutoFill
  • Filter announcements by user and profile
  • Reports Table
  • Change timesheet ownership
  • Filter table
  • Timesheet Image now in the Report Designer
  • Adding Tabbed Separated Values Export (TSV) as an export format

TimeControl 6.6 and TimeControl Industrial 6.6, HMS Software’s Field Data Collection version Both TimeControl 6.5 and TimeControl Industrial 6.6 are available for immediate shipment.  TimeControl pricing begins at $120/User for on premises purchases.  Pricing for TimeControl Industrial, TimeControl Online and TimeControl Industrial Online, HMS Software’s hosted Timesheet as a Service in the cloud is available upon request. Read What’s New in TimeControl 6.6 to see a complete list of new and enhanced features or see the TimeControl 6.6 press release.

Integrate TimeControl, Primavera and Hard Dollar Solution Page

With the release of TimeControl 6.5, organizations are now able to create a remarkably powerful project management environment by combinging the best of HMS’s TimeControl, Hard Dollar’s HD and Oracle-Primavera’s P6 all at the same time and we have created a TimeControl Solution Portal to give you access to resources on how this could help you with organizational efficiency.
Haven’t you ever wished you could take the best of the most popular project management tools and blend them together?
Now, thanks to TimeControl version 6.5, you can.

You can now integrate TimeControl or TimeControl Industrial with Hard Dollar’s HD and Oracle-Primavera’s P6 simultaneously to create one remarkably flexible and powerful environment.  Hard Dollar is known for its strength in project cost estimating and cost control.  It has been used for years in construction, engineering, utilities, mining and other industrial industries to create a rich definition of cost requirements for labor, material and equipment requirements for projects.  Primavera is world-renowned for its project scheduling, project tracking and resource capacity planning functionality.  TimeControl Industrial brings field data collection to a new level.  TimeControl has been available since 1994 and is one of the world’s best known timesheet systems.
TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial have had the ability to integrate with Primavera since 1997.  When Primavera users need to extend timesheet capabilities to meet financial requirements for not only job costing but also invoicing, payroll, HR and numerous government compliance rules, TimeControl is often the choice. 
HMS and Hard Dollar created a technical alliance in 2012 to create the same kind of integration between TimeControl Industrial and Hard Dollar’s HD cost control system and while doing so realized that something remarkable was possible.  There was already an integration between HD and Primavera’s P6 and the addition of TimeControl Industrial which already had the P6 integration itself meant that all the products could be combined together.  The TimeControl/HD integration was designed with that requirement in mind and it has surpassed our best hopes for improved efficiency. 
The bi-directional link between TimeControl and HD brings in job definitions and sends back the actuals on a day-to-day basis.  The bi-directional link between TimeControl and P6 brings in activity and step definitions along with resource assignments and sends back not only the resource and financial actuals but also estimate to complete and Activity Step progress.  TimeControl’s unique Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™ means that data arrives already approved from both the organizational and project perspectives and is ready to use by Project Management, Job Costing, HR, Payroll and Finance.
It’s the best of not just both but all three worlds.  A blend of the best in world class performance from the leaders in project management systems.

For more information on combining TimeControl Industrial, Hard Dollar’s HD and Oracle-Primavera’s P6 into your winning combination, see our Solution Portal at
 For information on TimeControl Industrial, go to or contact HMS Software at, or call us toll free at (877) 699-8463 (International +1 (514) 695-8122).

An all new and improved Primavera Solution Portal

We have many clients who use TimeControl with their Oracle-Primavera system.  Perhaps it’s no surprise.  TimeControl has integrated with Primavera since 1997 with P3 and we’ve maintained that link all the way up to the most recent P6r8 release even once Primavera was purchased by Oracle.  Primavera clients who need a single timesheet to update not only the task progress in Primavera but also Payroll, Billing, Finance, Job Costing or HR have looked to TimeControl to provide multi-purpose timesheet functionality that will allow a single point of timesheet entry and multiple back-end uses.
Our relationship with Primavera goes back to 1997 and our relationship with Oracle separately tc6_p6_linkalso goes back to 1997 when TimeControl was first able to store its data in either SQL Server or Oracle (We now also support MySQL which is coincidentally also owned by Oracle).  So the relationship has many facets and runs deep.
We’ve done a little work to remake our TimeControl and Primavera Solution Portal with a range of new materials that we hope you’ll find useful.  Aside from a remake of the portal itself, we’ve got new factsheets, slide presentations, white papers and an all-new on-demand webcast that shoes TimeControl 6 and Primavera’s P6 interacting back and forth.
The integration options between TimeControl and Primavera are extensive.  Not only can you bring into TimeControl Primavera tasks, resources, steps and assignments, you also have abilities on how to match employees to generic skills and Primavera codes to TimeControl user defined fields.  Updating your Primavera project data with TimeControl timesheets is incredibly flexible.  You can update hours and costs, Primavera Step progress, ETC, Financial periods and more.
The new and improved TimeControl / Primavera Solution Portal covers some of the benefits of integrating these two world-class tools including:

  • Automated Business Validation Rules
  • Extensive Rate Management
  • Management of Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal time banks
  • Management of Banked Overtime
  • Included integration with P6 and other project systems
  • TimeControl Mobile interface for tablets and smartphones
  • Missing timesheet management
  • The Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™

Access to the portal and its resources is free.  Find out more at

Selecting TimeControl for Online or On-premises

online_vs_onpremisesWith TimeControl now available to be purchased for on-premises installation and for subscription to our TimeControlOnline hosted timesheet service, there is a choice to make.  Here at HMS we’ve been asked recently “Which is better – Hosted or Purchased?” and the answer isn’t obvious. Whether you subscribe to TimeControlOnline or purchase TimeControl to install on your own servers, there’s lots of great functionality including:

  • Multi-browser easy to use interface
  • TimeControl mobile smartphone interface
  • Links to project management systems like MS Project
  • Links to ERP/Finance, Payroll and HR systems
  • Matrix Approvals
  • Automated Validation Rules
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Vacation approvals
  • Email notifications
  • Multi-lingual functionality

But there specific advantages for both subscribing or installing so we’ve put together some resources that we hope you’ll find useful on our Timesheet Buyer’s Guide solution portal including:

A short webcast by our President, Chris Vandersluis comparing the differences of purchasing TimeControl vs. subscribing to TimeControlOnline along with some basic questions you can ask yourself to see which path is optimal for you. Read more…

A PowerPoint slideshow that is used in the webcast.   Read more…

A 4-page factsheet entitled Online vs. On-premises which puts side-by-side comparison of the different options available with both products.  Read more…

Timesheet Buyer’s Guide
This solution portal contains numerous resources other than those we’ve listed here on how to select a timesheet for your needs and how TimeControl might apply to those requirements.  See more at

TimeControl 6.2 now available

HMS has released TimeControl 6.2 for both new and existing clients. 
This version continues the 6th evolution of one of the world’s most popular timesheet systems. Since its initial release in 1984, TimeControl has been one of the most recognized timesheet systems for organizations who need a single timesheet interface to fulfill the multiple requirements of payroll, human resources, project management and finance.
Enhancements in TimeControl 6 new features, enhanced functionality and feature updates including the following:
TimeControl Mobile™ BBerry_TS
TimeControl Mobile is designed to work on popular smartphones like the Blackberry and iPhone. This is a web application that works with TimeControl as an extension of your existing implementation. As a mobile web-application there’s nothing to install. The user simply points their smartphone browser to the new /mobile directory of their TimeControl implementation and they are directed to an interface specifically created for the mobile device.
TimeControl Mobile includes functionality for adding, editing and deleting a timesheet, adding, editing and deleting timesheet lines. Even changing values for user defined fields is supported.
iPhone_Landscape_TSJust like the full web-based TimeControl, users who have pre-loading turned on or have defined personal pre-loaded charges will see them appear automatically in TimeControl Mobile when they create a new timesheet. This makes adding data very easy in the mobile device.If your TimeControl implementation is tied to a project management system like Microsoft Project or Primavera, your assignments could automatically appear when you create a new timesheet so you can update your activity hours in the field.
TimeControl Mobile works in both Portrait and Landscape mode. When the user flips their device from one orientation to the other, TimeControl immediately resizes the screen to take advantage of whatever space is available.
We’ve tried TimeControl Mobile on iPhones, Blackberry’s, Android and Windows 7 Mobile devices. Whatever your smartphone, there’s a good chance that TimeControl Mobile will work on it.
Filter details in Report headers
TimeControl now allows an option where the report headers will show the details of the filter you’ve selected. This means that selecting a date range or a particular range of data will be apparent from the values in the filter thus making it easier to ensure you’re looking at the right report data.
Improved table performance
We’ve made some huge improvements in table performance some of which have improved some table functions by as much as 500%!
Improved customized branding
TimeControl has allowed the client to insert their own image into the TimeControl login screen for some time. Now we’ve enhanced the ability for customized branding by providing a new image in the header of each TimeControl page.

Improved links with Microsoft Project Server
We’ve improved our TimeControl to Project Server link to take advantage of some of Project Server 2010’s capabilities. Now enterprise fields can be put into the charge code definition when linking and TimeControl will support the transfer of Sub-projects.
And lots, lots more…
There are improvements and other minor enhancements across the system including in logs, reporting fonts, the timesheet list, the timesheet interface and drop down field descriptions.
TimeControl 6.2 is available immediately. TimeControl customers with existing current support contracts can download the new version from the Support/Updates area of the TimeControl website.

TimeControl and Primavera P6R8 tested

O_GoldPartner_clrFor those using TimeControl 5 or TimeControl 6, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve completed our testing under the just-released version P6r8 and that TimeControl and release 8 are working together just fine.  No new TimeControl upgrade is required in order to do your Primavera upgrade as the current releases of TimeControl 5 and TimeControl 6 flew through our tests with flying colors.

TimeControl supports Primavera “Steps”

TimeControl 5.1.2 became available yesterday and along with several improvements came long-awaited support for updating Primavera Steps within the TimeControl Timesheet. As you can see by clicking on the screen at right, there is a new tab called Activity Steps which displays the sub-task level steps and the percent complete for each one. The resource which is designated in Primavera as the ‘primary’ resource will be able to edit the Step progress. Other resources will be able to see them only. New Steps cannot be added within TimeControl. They must be done within Primavera itself. You can see a quick video of Primavera Steps working within TimeControl 5.1.2 on the TimeControl 5.1.2 Steps Screencast.