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FAQ: How do you deal with an employee who leaves in the middle of the week and their timesheet is only partially complete?

This is a common situation and it can occur for many reasons other than just someone leaving the organization. What happens when a timesheet is only partially completed and won’t be completed by the end-user?  TimeControl has several functions that come into play for this orphaned timesheet scenario depending on the situation.  Here are a few options:

First, the Administrator could assign a delegate to that person (such as their supervisor) and have the supervisor enter as the delegate and finish the timesheet.

Second, the Administrator could use their own Super-Admin privileges to advance the timesheet to a supervisor with editing rights.

Third, the Administrator could use the Change Ownership function to move the timesheet to anyone along the release path who has rights to edit the timesheet.

FAQ: Can the TimeControl Menu be edited?


Yes you can.  Not only can you edit existing elements of the TimeControl Menu, but you can add to it also.  In the Administration Tab there is a selection called Menu entry.  Using this function, you can move menu items fromtcblog_menu tab to tab or add a new entry.  Imagine that you’ve created an internal project management tracking process manual and you’d like to make sure that all of your TimeControl users can access it from right inside TimeControl.  You can click Add in the Menu Entry module and add the URL and an icon for that selection.  Once you’ve added the new entry, it will immediately become visible in the User Profiles module in case you want to make sure it is secured for one user or another.

Or, imagine that you’ve created different manuals for different users perhaps for users in a particular country.  You could create manuals for each country and a menu item for each and then use User Profiles to only show the appropriate manual to someone in that country. tcblog_menuadd

The same goes for any other function you’d like to create.  The URL destination of a menu item could also be an external system.  This type of flexibility is powerful so you need to keep track of what you’ve added to your TimeControl so you can train people on finding the right function in the right place.