TimeControl Project tips

Did you know that TimeControl Project security extends past that of TimeControl itself?

It’s true.

TimeControl Project has security that is much more granular than TimeControl, allowing those who have permission to create a View to include anyone that they have access to either as a profile or by name.

This allows a project manager to easily include his or her team in the View of task or charge-code based Board Views or GANTT Views and both the View and the data are related in that security.  In this View we can see that the User Profile “Project Managers” has been given access along with Joseph and Tom.  Below you can see that they have all been given modify rights.  Even more, if they don’t have rights to modify the View, we can further restrict the access to that person to only show tasks that were assigned to them.

Of course TimeControl’s extensive security model is still running in the background.  The security listed here won’t accidentally give users access to data they haven’t been given access to.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, TimeControl Project is part of a premium version of TimeControl Online and TimeControl Industrial Online.  You can find out more at TimeControlProject.com.