TimeControl integration extends with new API

TimeControl has long been known throughout the industry as the timesheet that is most flexible to integrate with other internal corporate systems whether they are commercial off the shelf programs or custom internal software.

Clients over the years have enjoyed the pre-defined bi-directional integrations with project management tools like Microsoft Project, and Primavera and most recently, BrightWork.  The Links section of TimeControl has allowed the creation or consumption of transaction files in native Excel, XML or plain text formats and with the scheduling option, these movements of data in and out of TimeControl could be automated to run unattended at any time.

Now the integration capabilities of TimeControl have taken a giant leap forward.  Starting with version 7.2, TimeControl has added a full API (Application Programming Interface) so programmers can consume TimeControl data or populate TimeControl with data from other systems.

The TimeControl API uses the ReST (Representational State Transfer) architecture which is well known to many programmers.  It is highly secure and TimeControl Administrators can turn the API on or off and even control access through User Profiles.

The TimeControl API is now included as a part of TimeControl version 7.2 and higher at no additional cost. Programmers can take advantage of code-examples from within TimeControl or from the TimeControl development staff.   

For more information on TimeControl 7.2, visit TimeControl.com/features/latest.