Free TimeControl Online Training area is only one of many resources

onlinetraining_250x109HMS maintains a large number of online resources that are absolutely free to access and use.  We’ve done recent updates to many of these areas including the Online Video Training section.  There are separate lessons for TimeControl 7, TimeControl 6 and even TimeControl 5.

These lessons are only 3-7 minutes each so you can work at your own pace.  They each show a single feature or function of TimeControl.  Some are designed for end-users, others for TimeControl Administrators.

TimeControl Online Video Training is only one of the available resource areas.  Others include:

  • Webcasts
    This area includes many video webcasts showing TimeControl being used to overcome specific use-case challenges.
  • White Papers
    This area includes numerous white papers on how TimeControl can be applied for specific circumstances such as for R&D tax credits or Time and Billing.
  • Presentations
    You’ll find numerous slide presentations here in PDF format.  We use these slides ourselves to talk about TimeControl’s use for different requirements.
  • Factsheets
    There are dozens of 2 or 4 page brochures here including the main TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial brochures.
  • Best Practices
    This area gives some timesheet best practices for both organizations and individuals to help them be as effective as possible.

See the Resources Area for of the TimeControl website for more information.