TimeControl 8.4 is here!

We are very excited to announce that TimeControl 8.4 has now been released. This is a big new version of TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial on-premise, TimeControl Online and  TimeControl Industrial Online in the Cloud and TimeControl Project.

There is lots to celebrate in this upgrade of TimeControl including:

All new Dashboards

We’ve done a complete rewrite of the Dashboard Editor and display mechanisms.  The editor now supports drag and drop of dashboard widgets, and dashboards that extend longer than the existing screen size. There are new dashboard widgets and improvements on the existing widgets too.

Support for Azure 365 Active Directory SSO

TimeControl has had support for SAML for some time and we’ve now extended this to include support for Azure’s very specific requirements for Active Directory in the cloud.  You’ll even find a tutorial guide on how to make this configuration work for you.

New Link RESTful API link Oracle-Primavera

TimeControl has had a link with Primavera since 1997.  With each evolution of Oracle-Primavera we have extended how TimeControl and Primavera integrate to take advantage of any new features from either product.  Primavera has evolved its original Web Services link from SOAP protocol into a RESTful API architecture.  TimeControl 8.4 supports both these services Web Services and will continue to support other link technologies we’ve already published for earlier versions of Primavera.

Mobile Version updates

The free TimeControl Mobile App has gone through an almost complete rewrite.  The underlying architecture of both the iOS version and the Android version has been brought up to the latest abilities from both including Dark Mode.  You’ll also find new functionality in TimeControl Industrial to support Equipment / Machines.

And so, so much more.

TimeControl 8.4 is available right now for existing TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial on-premise clients with a current support agreement at timecontrol.com/support/updates.  The free TimeControl Mobile App will be released on the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices in the next two days.  Subscribers to TimeControl Online and TimeControl Industrial Online will be informed directly on the application about the schedule of their automatic upgrade which is expected in the next couple of weeks.

For more information on TimeControl 8.4, visit www.timecontrol.com/features/latest.