HMS recovery from the Montreal Ice Storm of 2023

On Wednesday, April 5th, Montreal where HMS Software’s headquarters are located experienced an ice storm that was protracted and cumulative.  The results caused widespread destruction.  Over 1.1 million customers lost electricity in the province of Quebec, about half of them in Montreal.  HMS Software’s offices did not lose power but virtually all our staff did.  Power for some was not restored until Sunday afternoon.  During this period, HMS Software’s Internet connection was lost and in the Montreal area, Internet and even cell phone service was interrupted.

We’re happy to report that none of our staff or their families were injured and, while there is plenty of damage in the Montreal area, none of our staff experienced extensive damage to their homes. During the outage, HMS Software services such as TimeControl Online were unaffected.

As of this morning (Monday, April 10), we are all back at our posts and operations have returned to normal.  For those who checked in with us to ensure we were alright, we thank you.  For those who have found that we’ve been a little slower than normal in returning your calls, we thank you for your patience.