TimeControl 6 now available!

HMS Software announces the release of TimeControl 6. This version represents a significant evolution in one of the world’s most popular timesheet systems. Since its initial release in 1984, TimeControl has been one of the most recognized timesheet systems for organizations who wish to implement project timekeeping, time and billing and time and attendance within a single interface. Now TimeControl 6 brings a new architecture and new interface design to its clients.

Enhancements in TimeControl 6 include:

New architecture
Along with the new interface comes new architecture. TimeControl now fully supports a 64bit server environment. Client workstations using 64 bit operating systems have been supported for some time. TimeControl 6 will also embrace MySQL along with ongoing support for Microsoft’s SQL Server and Oracle databases.

All-new Timesheet List
The new timesheet list allows for multiple types of timesheets to be visible at one time. Now in a single screen, users or supervisors can see pending timesheets for approval, missing timesheets, historical timesheets and pending debit/credit adjustments. A powerful filtering mechanism lets the user select which type of files to view. This will make approving and managing timesheets much easier and much faster for administrators and supervisors.

All new multi-browser timesheet interface
The new timesheet interface is entirely web based and eliminates the need for ActiveX Controls. This new interface includes functionality for the timesheet, approvals, adjustments through TimeControl’s Debit/Credit system and the new My Account area to adjust personal options. Only Administrators may require access to ActiveX controls for TimeControl’s setup, linking to external products and reporting.
The new interface supports multiple browsers and hardware platforms. Testing was effected on Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla and Safari.

Along with rewriting the underlying architecture and communications protocols for the new version, there’s a whole new look and feel for the interface to conform with more modern and ergonomically pleasing standards.

TimeRequest module tracks vacation requests and more
The all-new TimeRequest module allows users to make a request for certain types of times to be approved for entry in future timesheets. The most common application of this module may be for requesting Vacation time. Users will enter a request for a block of time to be taken for vacation and, once approved, the time will then automatically populate the users’ timesheet in the future when that timesheet is created.

The TimeRequest module is, however, not restricted to just Vacation requests. Any category of time can be exposed to the module. This allows an infinite number of applications such as requests for travel time, training time, offsite or onsite time or any other type of time category where the organization wishes it to be approved in advance.

Additional Enhancements
There are numerous additional enhancements to TimeControl 6 including the new TimeControl MenuStrip for navigation, the new MyAccount area which allows default selections for each navigation tab, additional rate values, cost values for the already extensive rate system, up to 9 banked time categories (up from 3), longer passwords and user names, enhanced security and intrusion logging and an updated language file that adds Spanish to the numerous languages already included in the system.

To see a complete list of what’s new in TimeControl 6, visit www.timecontrol.com/timesheet/latest.

TimeControl 6 is available for immediate shipment. TimeControl customers with existing current support contracts will receive updates to their systems by September 1st.

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