TimeControl 6.4.1 delivers native IE9 support

Internet-Explorer-9When IE9 was first launched, we were certain we’d have no native support problems for it at all with TimeControl 6 After all, TimeControl now supports numerous browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari (yes, even on your Mac and iPad) so we were sure that IE9 support would be pretty much automatic.

Sadly that wasn’t the case and, while TimeControl 6 has worked just fine in IE9 compatibility mode, we have been working on completing our work with IE9 native (non-compatibility-mode) support.  We’re delighted to say that we’ve completed that work.  It wasn’t quite ready in time for the recent TimeControl 6.4 launch so it has been put into TimeControl 6.4.1 which has just been released.  If you’ve already configured all the PCs in your organization to use TimeControl 6 in compatibility mode, then don’t worry.  TimeControl 6.4.1 will recognize both IE9 in native and compatibility modes.

While we were at it, we added functionality to the new Project Manager Validation view to allow it to show all timesheet lines even if they’re not linked to a project management system or even to a resource and did some small fixes to other features.

The new version is available to all TimeControl clients with current support agreements at timecontrol.com/support/updates.

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