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TimeControl Case Study – March Consulting

Here at HMS we are blessed to have the clients we have. Our long standing relationships is one of the key motivators for our staff and there is little that will get our team more excited than hearing that a client is using our software in a way that has made a difference for them.

So it is great to see a new case study on the TimeControl website by one of our clients.

March Consulting is a Canadian engineering firm based in the province of Saskatchewan and they can be working on 20 or more projects at a time.

“I’ve implemented a lot of software throughout my career and now I use TimeControl as my gold standard,” Peter Smithen, Project Services said. “This was the best implementation I’ve ever completed.”

You can read the whole story at TimeControl.com/why-timecontrol/case-studies/march or to see more case studies, go to: TimeControl.com/why-timecontrol/case-studies


What is the difference between TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial?

industrial_300x180.jpgBoth products are part of the TimeControl family. TimeControl Industrial includes everything that the regular TimeControl has but adds modules and functionality to extend TimeControl in ways that are more appropriate for construction or industrial situations where end users will not be filling in their own timesheets.

Imagine a situation such as a construction site where there might be hundreds or even thousands of workers in the field working on our project today.  They are all managed by supervisors and may even have a time and attendance system to make sure they get paid properly.  But, management is having a terrible time trying to figure out what the exact cost of each project tasks is.  Yet these carpenters, welders, pipefitters and drivers aren’t expected to sit down at a PC and fill out a timesheet.  This is the world that TimeControl Industrial was designed for.  TimeControl supports high-volume entries by supervisors or data entry clerks who enter the timesheet data in crew timesheets on behalf of the employees who have finished their shift.

TimeControl Industrial is popular in industries like mining, heavy construction, utilities and infrastructure operations.  The additional modules in TimeControl Industrial include:

  • Crew timesheet entry
  • Non-Labor entry for materials, equipment and production accomplished entry
  • Extended Labor Rates
  • Extended Non-Labor Rates
  • Crew Management
  • Crew Approvals
  • Non-Labor Approvals

You can find out more about TimeControl Industrial and see it in action at industrial.timecontrol.com.

FAQ: What PM Systems does TimeControl link with?

Integration_300x227.jpgWe talk often about how TimeControl can link with many different systems but it’s worth taking a moment to talk about the pre-established links that all versions of TimeControl ship with.

Links to and from project management tools must each be designed from two perspectives:

  1. What is the connection mechanism for this project link?
  2. What business rules does this project management system require to pull information and then to push the update data back?

For each project system there are different features that don’t exist in the others.  For example, Primavera has a progress methodology called “Steps”.  TimeControl supports the progress of Steps but there is no such mechanism in Microsoft Project so Steps data doesn’t come in from or go out to Project.

In some systems there are more than one connection mechanism.  For example, Microsoft Project Server can be linked through Microsoft Project or directly with Project Server’s PSI (The application programmable interface for Project Server).

So, what project management tools does every version of TimeControl have a predefined link with?  Here’s a list:

Transfer in Transfer out
Microsoft Project  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
Microsoft Project Server  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
Oracle-Primavera P6  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
Oracle-Primavera EPPM  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
Deltek Open Plan  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
Deltek Cobra  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
VersionOne  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30
SharePoint  checkmark_green_36x30  xmark-red_32x30
Hard Dollar HD PCM  checkmark_green_36x30  checkmark_green_36x30

There are numerous resources available on the TimeControl website for each of these links:

For Microsoft Project, Project Server and SharePoint, see these use-case solution areas:

For Oracle-Primavera’s P6 and EPPM, see these use-case solution areas:

For Deltek EPM including Open Plan and Cobra see this use-case solution area:

For VersionOne see this use-case solution area:

For Ineight’s Hard Dollar HD PCM see this use-case solution area:

For all use-cases go to the Use-Case Solutions or contact HMS at info@hms.ca where we’ll be happy to talk to you about your particular needs.