Project Integrations

Many products have a promise of links to other systems.  What they usually mean is either a simple import or export of a flat text or Excel file or, more likely, tools so you can create the link yourself.

TimeControl is not like that.

Embedded in every copy of TimeControl are pre-configured integrations with a remarkable number of project management and cost management tools.  These integrations include the ability to summarize data, link with the project tool at multiple levels and choose what you’d like to update.

TimeControl has the ability to look at each activity in the project management system and decide if it needs to be marked as started or completed or to evaluate the progress to date and properly apply the progress from the timesheet system.  Our experience with advanced project management systems dates back to 1984.  We often have to coach end-users in how project actuals are applied and dealt with by their project system.   Over the years we have continued to expand that experience and TimeControl’s capabilities as new versions of project management tools or new systems are released.

The Project Links in TimeControl have been created in partnership with the project management software vendors.  These tools include Microsoft Project, Project Online, Project for the Web, Project Server and all the iterations of Microsoft Project since 1995.  It includes Primavera EPPM and Primavera P6 Pro, Deltek’s Open Plan and Cobra, InEight Estimate (HardDollar), Contruent, Brightwork, Jira and our own TimeControl Project.  Not only all of that (and that’s a lot) but we can also simultaneously link to multiple products and even multiple versions of the same product at the same time from the same TimeControl.  That’s just not offered anywhere else.  TimeControl also includes links directly with SharePoint and Excel.

Oh, and we also include a complete bi-directional API and import/export tools that can work on demand or on a schedule for you to create links we’ve yet to think of.

Thinking of how your timesheet can link with your other corporate systems, go to our Project Tracking page and look at the various solutions.