Performance tips on TimeControl with Symantec

It’s impossible to test every combination of browsers and virus scanners when we release TimeControl.  Our most common configuration in the office is either Internet Explorer or Firefox with AVG as the virus scanner.  We know that the incredible number of possible virus scanning options, firewall options, network protection options and other settings in your operating system, server operating system and supporting technology can have an effect on TimeControl.  As we hear good tips from clients or consultants who find settings that are a problem, we’ll pass them along here in the blog. 
These notes are in no way an endorsement or condemnation of any product mentioned.  We do not promise that these settings will work for you, for the version of the software you are using or that the use of these options will not compromise your security.  Your system architecture and your network systems are your business.  These notes will be simply areas we are recommending investigating if you believe they may affect you.

We’ve had a note from a client recently regarding the use of TimeControl 6 with Internet Explorer and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2015.  One of our clients has reported that disabling the option: Network Threat Protection Settings->  Intrusion Prevention -> “Enable Browser Intrusion Prevention”, the performance of the TimeControl web pages increased dramatically. 

If you have combinations of products and/or settings that you use that have improved (or degraded) performance of TimeControl, please send them along to

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