Linking to Primavera Financial Periods

When linking with Primavera’s P6, TimeControl can now optionally send actuals to be posted directly to Primavera’s financial period table. This is the same destination supported by P6 when “Period to date Actuals” are activated and then posted into a particular financial period.

Using this feature will update both the Actuals which are already updated by previous versions of TimeControl and the period records so that financial and earned value reports in Primavera will report the data in the appropriate financial areas.

In order to activate this function, the Primavera Administrator must first define the financial periods and ensure that the Financial periods completely cover any period for which actuals might be sent from TimeControl. This is done in the Primavera Administration menu.

Primavera Periods

If data from TimeControl is transferred while this option is on and the appropriate financial period for the TimeControl “Date Work Performed is not located, the transferred data will be rejected and this will be reflected in the PM Links log.

In the TimeControl Project Transfer options, the “Transfer to Primavera Periods” option must be selected.
TimeControl Transfer Options
When this option is selected, the Date Transfer Options are no longer selectable as the “Date Work Performed” now becomes the relevant transfer date. This date will be used to determine which Primavera financial period in which to put the posted line data from TimeControl.

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