HMS / TimeControl Covid-19 update

As we told you last week, HMS capabilities of working remotely have been well established for years.  In fact, our staff already work from 3 separate locations.   To better ensure we can continue serving you without interruption, starting Monday, March 23rd, HMS will be instituting a work from home directive.  HMS staff will largely be out of the office and only necessary in-person visits to the office will occur for a minimum of personnel.

As a TimeControl or TimeControl Online client, you probably won’t even notice.  For those seeking technical support, using the email or going to the website support contact page at: is the best way to get your request into the proper queue and responded to quickly.  If you are used to calling into the office directly on the phone, you may find that this is somewhat slower than you’re used to.  Using Email or the Website will be as effective as it always is.

For those seeking information from our sales, administration or operations department, using email or the TimeControl contact form at or sending email to is the most effective way for us to determine who you need to talk to and make sure they are getting back to you promptly.

We anticipate no interruption of service for TimeControl Online or service for our TimeControl on-premise clients.  HMS remains committed to making sure we are serving you with the same high-quality standards that we have been known for for over 35 years.