HMS Contingency Plans for the Coronavirus

For clients who are concerned about HMS Software’s plans in case of a Coronavirus outbreak in the Montreal area or any interruption in our services, we’d like to let you know our contingency plans for any such eventuality.

First of all, HMS is already set up for critical workers to be able to work from home in case any of our staff would require at-home quarantine.  We set up secure access for our key staff to be able to do this some time ago and keep the capabilities current.  Our servers for TimeControlOnline are located with Amazon in different data centers and this combination of factors ensures that we are able to maintain all TimeControl Online services uninterrupted regardless of where our staff need to be located.

Our technical support is similarly equipped to handle requests, and then deliver fixes and updates to our clients as required.

New sales can be taken care by our account managers working remotely as well.

Payments we expect and payments we need to make from an administration standpoint are largely done electronically now so any requirement to physically go to the office to retrieve a payments or sign and mail payments is reasonably rare.  We have made arrangements so that this too can occur off-site.

Our current prevention plans have curtailed any international travel for our staff and any staff who already work remotely are going to delay coming or going to the office for the moment to increase our ability for readiness if there should be any reason for concern.

As a result of this planning and preparation started years ago, HMS is confident in being able to maintain operations without any interruption of services to our clients.  Should there be a change of status at HMS, we will announce that on the TimeControl Blog,. the TimeControl website and our Twitter account.

If you have specific questions about our contingency readiness, please let us know on the TimeControl website at: