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TimeControl Rates Tutorial

Sometimes here at HMS, we work with something within the TimeControl timesheet system so often, that we forget just how remarkable a feature it is. 
TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial Rates functionality falls right into that category.  There are numerous TimeControl functions that make up the Rates capabilities and we’ve now released a tutorial on how to work with those functions to solve business problems
Some clients need to price hours for invoicing.  Others need to cost the hours for job costing. Perhaps you have different rates for different clients or different rates for different projects.  The rates architecture in the TimeControl timesheet system is the most flexible in the industry and it must be because TimeControl is used for different purposes simultaneously. 
It is a key differentiator over other timesheet options.
Did you know that TimeControl supports an unlimited number of Rate Codes per employee or rates_tutorial_cover_200x258 an unlimited number of Rate Codes in the system?  And, for each and every Rate Code, you can store multiple values. Rates in TimeControl can be defined globally, at the resource or employee level and you can configure TimeControl to show only those rates that are appropriate to a particular situation.
TimeControl Rates can be used to track both internal costs and external invoicing values at the same time.
TimeControl Rates allows you to track an employee working at one rate on one project, and another rate on a different project in the same day.
TimeControl Rates allows the tracking of unpaid overtime and even though you have no extra actual cost today, you could still invoice the work recorded.
Rates play a key part of many timesheet scenarios and TimeControl responds to that challenge with its flexible rate structure.
Both current and prospective TimeControl architects can find out more about TimeControl Rates in our new tutorial at: and on the new section of the TimeControl website at