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Project Imports with TimeControl 6.8

With the update to TimeControl 6.8 for both on premises and on line users, the internal links to project management tools have been rewritten to be much more effective.  In particular, we’ve updated some links to use Guaranteed Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) when they are available.  This allows us to be much more precise about what task to send data back to and to do that transfer much more quickly. 
We were already using GUIDs in several links that we wrote more recently but we’ve been able to update a number of PM import and export links now to follow the same architecture.
In order to make sure this works properly for you, you should do an import of any open project prior to posting data to it immediately following the upgrade to 6.8 (this is true also for TimeControlOnline users).  This is a best practice anyway so you are likely doing this already but if you make sure you do a PM Import of any open projects that may have been using older identification methods, TimeControl will happily transfer them to GUIDs in the background without any further intervention.
Please contact TimeControl technical support at if you have any questions.