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TimeControl DCAA Solutions area updated

Every year the US Defense Contract Audit Agency audits thousands of contracts with the US government.  If you have ever been part of such an audit you will know that the DCAA places a particular emphasis on verifying timesheets associated to workers working on projects that they oversee.  It is not enough to have a good time and attendance record.  The DCAA must validate that hours billed to government contracts were spent on those projects and not on other work.  A complete task-based timesheet is required that encompasses all work.

In 2017, the DCAA audited over $281 billion in defense contract costs.  The DCAA is not restricted to defense contracts alone.  Their standards and audits are also used by NASA, the DoE, Homeland security and other agencies.

While the DCAA deliberately does not endorse or certify software products, and instead focuses on an auditable process, the standards they require are well known.

TimeControl has included DCAA compliant functionality for many years and has been selected by clients on numerous occasions to be used for DCAA audit compliance.

HMS maintains a resource portal with a number of useful tools and links to aid in becoming DCAA compliant when using TimeControl.  The portal is free and is located at:

Updated DCAA Solutions area

Every year the US Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audits thousands of government contracts representing billions of dollars of value. dcaa_wp_cover_200x261 The Agency does this not only for the US Department of Defense but also for the Department of Energy, Homeland Security and many other federal and state agencies.  The DCAA sets standards for how to account for, track and invoice government contracts and amongst those standards are requirements for timesheet systems.
TimeControl has been used by many of our clients to help with their DCAA compliance and given HMS Software’s long standing high profile in defense and aerospace, it will come as no surprise that TimeControl has many features that were specifically designed to accommodate the DCAA.
On the TimeControl website, you’ll find a solutions area dedicated to how to configure TimeControl for DCAA compliance.  We’ve just updated the DCAA Solutions area with a new white paper, slides and webcast that are up to date with the latest in DCAA Requirements.  For more information on the DCAA, go to
Access to the DCAA Solutions area is free. You’ll find it at