Year end Clean up of Data

The end of the calendar year is approaching and many TimeControl users wish to clean up their data in preparation for the year ahead. We will be posting a series of blog entries that look into the specifics of doing some yearend cleaning of the TimeControl data. Our focus will be primarily on the table data.

Our recommendation is to track down any missing timesheets and encourage your employees to complete them.  If you are missing timesheets for former employees, you can use the Alternate Login to complete any missing timesheets for former employees or for employees who are unavailable to complete their own timesheets.   You can set an Alternate User in the User Table.

Once all timesheets are accounted for and posted, the clean- up can commence.  A good place to start is with the User Table.  User Table entries, because of the relational nature of the data, cannot be deleted.  For any former employee or employees who will no longer need to login to TimeControl, go the User Table and check the “User Inactive” flag.  This flag will block the user from login in but will maintain any historical data related to the user.   If this user appears in an approval path, the timesheet will no longer stop there for approval but will instead move on to the next supervisor.  This frees up the license for re-use by a new user.  When you make a user inactive, don’t forget to apply the change.

Most Administrators will not want to look at users who are no longer active and TimeControl can help with this by allowing a display filter to be applied so the when the table is loaded the inactive users are not shown.  This can be done using the table filter on the right hand menu bar.  If you wish to apply such a filter as a standard, it can be implemented in the Users Profiles under the Tables Security tab.

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