TimeControl Scheduled Reporting can make a big impact on decision making

We’ve made some big report capability improvements in TimeControl with Scheduled Reports.

TimeControl has always been known for its extensive reporting capabilities.  Being able to save any report into Excel format and having a built in report writer has been part of TimeControl since its creation in 1994.  Each new edition of TimeControl has improved reporting functionality.  Now reports can be a mix of graphics, charts and text and control within reports is extensive.

With the addition of Scheduled Reports, we have taken reporting to a new level.  Users can now create a Report Schedule which includes one or many reports.  Reports can be created hourly or daily or weekly or on the schedule you determine.  You can send the reports to one or many recipients and you can impose filters on the reports to be applied at runtime to ensure that only the right data gets to the right people at the right time.

The report can be sent as an email attachment in PDF, Excel, Word, or CSV format or, if the report is expected to be too large  for an email attachment, a link can be sent instead to an optionally encrypted file on the TimeControl Server.   The recipient will see the report in their inbox and can click to open the attachment or to go to the expected file.

The impact of TimeControl Scheduled Reports can be profound.  Where managers once had to visit TimeControl, go to Reporting, select the right report and filter and then view the results, now TimeControl will take care of that for them and make sure the information they need is in their fingertips. Exception reports can be set up so they only arrive if there is an exception to deal with and the entire process holds the promise of streamlining critical decision making for key stakeholders.

You can find out more about Scheduled Reporting on the TimeControl website or See it in action in Lesson #25 in the free TimeControl Online Training area at TimeControl.com/resources/online-training/timecontrol7.