TimeControl Public Sector Solution Page

Interest in TimeControl from the Public Sector has grown in recent years and there are some very good reasons why. More and more, organizations in the public sector are being called upon to manage themselves as though they were in the private sector. The interest in transparency, good governance and effective use of taxpayer funds has expanded in recent years and this interest has fostered a keen interest in the public sector of flexible off the shelf timesheet systems. We’ve created a new Public Sector Solution Page for TimeControl on the website.

When public sector organizations search for a timesheet they have some key criteria. TimeControl has a unique combination of characteristics that make it attractive to these public sector needs which include flexibility, aease of use, ability to link to existing systems, speedy deployment, low cost, and which is known in the public sector.

Interest for TimeControl from public sector organizations continues to grow. If you are working in the Public Sector and are facing timesheet challenges, take a look at the TimeControl Public Sector Solutions area.

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