TimeControl now has full integration with SharePoint and SharePoint Online

We’ve been working with SharePoint from its first appearance on the market.  As specialists in Microsoft’s Project Server, we spent a lot of time on it starting in 2002 when Project Server was first released within SharePoint.

There has been a link between TimeControl and SharePoint for some time but in the recently released version 7.1.1 of TimeControl, we have rewritten that link in its entirety to include complete bi-directional data integration. The new SharePoint link allows administrators to determine how to define a project and task from SharePoint lists and what fields will be used to send back from the TimeControl timesheet actual hours, costs or even estimates-to-complete. The link works with both SharePoint on premise or SharePoint Online within Office 365. Information between the two systems can be moved from one to the other automatically in the background on a schedule or on demand as required.

Aside from this extensive and flexible data integration between the two systems TimeControl can also integrate into the collaboration environment of SharePoint in other ways:

  • The entire timesheet interface can be displayed within SharePoint itself
  • Active Directory authentication and single-sign on used by TimeControl can be the same used in SharePoint so users don’t have to sign in twice
  • The timesheet data from TimeControl can be displayed or even blended into SharePoint reports or views from within the SharePoint Business Intelligence Center.

For more information about the TimeControl/SharePoint integration, visit TimeControl.com/use-cases/sharepoint or, to talk to us about how integrating TimeControl with SharePoint can be of benefit to your organization, contact us at: TimeControl.com/contact or email at info@hms.ca.