TimeControl 6.3 now available

TimeControl's new Virtual Trees allows a tremendous volume of data to be displayed virtually instantly.  Click here for a full screen view.TimeControl 6.3 has arrived and with it a long list of great new features many of which have been suggested by our clients.  Some of these features should delight both Administrators and End users.  Here are a few of the new features:
Virtual TreesTimeControl has always allowed for hierarchical display of our charge codes and other table entries.  Some TimeControl clients have tens of thousands of such hierarchical table entries.  In the past, TimeControl has had to load 100% of these records and then had to sort them into their appropriate hierarchy prior to displaying them and when the volume was large, this could take some time. Our new Virtual Tree display allows TimeControl to fetch only the top level of the hierarchy, display that and then fetch only the data the user wishes displayed when they click on the “+” key. We’ve been doing testing with 150,000 records and the results are startlingly fast.

Manage statutory holidays with the new TimeRequest™ WizardThis allows administrators to create pre-approved TimeRequests for employees of their choice. It’s an ideal tool for pre-loading entries such as statutory holidays. A TimeControl administrator can now create a “Statutory Holiday” TimeRequest for every employee in the system that would include all statutory holidays for the year (Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc…). These TimeRequests are automatically approved and will appear on all affected employee timesheets at the time of their creation. TimeRequest iCal Approved TimeRequests can now be input into Outlook with a single click!  Click here for full screen view.When your Vacation is approved in TimeControl you can now just click to have it automatically open in your Outlook or other calendar program! TimeRequest Notifications People love how TimeControl can notify you by email automatically when there’s a problem with a timesheet.  Now you can do the same with TimeRequests.  When your vacation is approved, your supervisor can send you a quick note right from the TimeRequest screen and even include a link to add it to your agenda.  It’ll be nice to get happy emails from TimeControl! Lots, lots more…There are numerous other improvements including:

  • Cache updates right from the menu
  • Copy User Settings from one user to many
  • Copy Status from the Project table directly to all associated charge codes
  • Copy Status from one charge code to all the child charges in a single click

Existing TimeControl clients with current support contracts can find more information on TimeControl 6.3, on the Support/Updates page at timecontrol.com/support/updates.  There is no charge for the upgrade.

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