The TimeControl expense dialog view

Most people who use TimeControl know there is an expense tab on the timesheet in which you can enter non-labor expenses.  The tab becomes visible when you click the “+” sign to the left of any line and shows several tabs of additional information that can be entered and attached to your timesheet.
The Expense tab has a grid view much like the timesheet where you can add an unlimited number of lines of expenses to each timesheet line.  The timesheet doesn’t need to have hours, just a selection of the project and task and then expenses can be added to it.
But, did you know that there is also a dialog view for entering expenses?  The grid is preferred by many but there are some who find the dialog view more pleasant.  It’s easily accessible.  When you hover your mouse over the “Append” button to add an expense line, the Dialog View option appears. 
The data is the same. Only the presentation changes.  You can edit an existing line in the dialog view by clicking the dialog button on the far left of any saved line.

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