The TimeControl Evolve Program brings your on-premise data to the cloud

The TimeControl Evolve program enables TimeControl on-premise clients to easily migrate to TimeControl Online.  And, it’s a lot more than that.

First of all, TC Evolve is designed to enable TimeControl on-premise clients to migrate to TimeControl Online, our TimeControl Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription in the Cloud.  The evolve program is an inexpensive and effective way to move your TimeControl system into the cloud.  It works for both TimeControl Online and TimeControl Industrial Online.

TimeControl on-premise has been sold since 1994 and there are many on-premise clients out there.  It’s true that most of our sales these days are for TimeControl Online but TimeControl on-premise is still sold and supported and will be for as far into the future as we can see.

In the last few years, more and more on-premise clients are thinking about what it would take to move their TimeControl system into our SaaS model.  The number one concern is how much their TimeControl will change.

If you are using the most current version of TimeControl or TimeControl Industrial on-premise, then there is no change to how will be online.  That’s because we committed years ago to keeping the source base of both on-premise and on-line systems the same.  That’s a big deal.  So, features that work for you in the on-premise version, work just the same in the online version!

The second concern prospective migrators have is what about their current configuration and their existing data.  While you could always start fresh, clients don’t. HMS helps them move 100% of their existing configuration and existing TimeControl data to TimeControl Online.

There are many advantages to migrating to a TimeControl Online subscription:

  1. First, all maintenance of TimeControl is handled by HMS. We do all the server, database, malware prevention and application upgrades for you.
  2. TimeControl Online is upgraded automatically by HMS. You will no longer have to be concerned about upgrades.  HMS takes care of all updates, upgrades and new version installation centrally on the TimeControl Online servers.
  3. Continuous monitoring is handled for you. TimeControl Online is monitored 24x7x365.  We are looking at the system continuously and are proud of our 99.9%+ uptime since the service was first launched in 2011.
  4. TimeControl Online and TimeControl on-premise are the same code. That means that all functionality that you know and love in TimeControl on-premise is already in TimeControl Online.
  5. Data backups and disaster recovery is already included. TimeControl Online is backed up daily and you can even download your own database backup in case you want to be sure to have control over it.  Disaster recovery is layered to handle issues of different scales and types.
  6. TimeControl Online is highly secure. We follow the OWASP standards for testing and our data is housed by Amazon Web Services in highly secure facilities.  Our SOC II certification let’s you know that our security protocols have been examined and audited by external third parties and deemed secure.
  7. TimeControl Project is an optional part of TimeControl Online and TimeControl Industrial Online and is not available with TimeControl on-premise.  Moving to TimeControl Online means you can elect to use TimeControl Project.

The TimeControl Evolve program will let you migrate your TimeControl on-premise licenses to the cloud and we won’t charge the subscription until your current support contract expires.  There is no subscription cost for the entire remainder of your already active support contract.  If you just updated your technical support for your TimeControl on-premise today, then that’s a whole year of TimeControl Online for free.


When you sign up for the Evolve program we are available to assist you in migrating all your existing data to TimeControl Online.  If you haven’t upgraded your TimeControl on-premise to the most current version, then we can help do the upgrades to ensure that the data you have will immediately migrate to the online version.  We can also advise you on maintaining or enhancing your links to external systems such as Project Management tools, Finance, Payroll, ERPs and more.

Everyone’s situation is different.  If you’d like to talk to one of our Account Specialists about whether the TimeControl Evolve program is right for you, contact us at: or email us at