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TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial 8.2 on-premise, now available!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of TimeControl 8.2. Over the next few weeks, you’re going to see a number of different announcements about product releases. This first is to announce the release of the TimeControl 8.2 upgrade for on-premise installations. For clients of TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial with current support agreements, this new version can be downloaded from the Client upgrade area at TimeControl.com/support/updates. In the next few weeks we will be updating TimeControl Online and as part of the TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial Online upgrade, our subscription service of TimeControl in the cloud. As part of the TimeControl Online 8.2 upgrade we will also be announcing the availability of TimeControl Project, a new premium version of TimeControl.

This version has significant and enhanced features for both Online and On-premise TimeControl clients. Here is more detail on some of what’s new:

Enhanced Timesheet Entry

We’ve enhanced the way timesheets are created to allow the creation of multiple timesheets at the same time. We also have now included a multiple new line entry to allow multiples lines to be added at once. Also within the timesheet, we allow a single click line-item copy. When copying timesheets, we now allow start/stop values to be copied.

Enhanced Crew Timesheets

In TimeControl Industrial, we’ve made a number of enhancements. The Crew Timesheets now takes into account TimeRequests and adds the appropriate lines right into the Crew Timesheet. We’ve also enhanced the multi-line function to allow multiple projects and charges to be added to multiple crew members at once.

Missing Crew Timesheet Notification

Also in TimeControl Industrial, we’ve added a new function for Missing Crew Timesheets that we expect to be just as popular as the individual Missing Timesheet Notification is.

And much more…

Enhanced Integration with Oracle Primavera, Reporting, Assignments, TimeRequests, Extended Rates, Filter visibility, performance and other usability enhancements across the application.

For a more complete list of new and enhanced features in this version, please visit, TimeControl.com/features/latest.

If you are a TimeControl or TimeControl Industrial on premise client with a current support and maintenance agreement, you can download the new version at no additional charge at: TimeControl.com/support/updates. We will notify TimeControl Online subscribers about their update and their access to the new TimeControl Project in the coming weeks. TimeControl Online will be updated automatically.