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TimeControl allows for start and stop times to be input right on the timesheet

As a timesheet that is often used for project management tracking, TimeControl screens typically focus on putting in the duration of work with the total number of hours calculated per day and per line item.  But, TimeControl also has the capability to track the times of work as well.

The Start/Stop clock icon on the timesheet is visible or not depending on the TimeControl security settings created in the User Profile.  Once visible, you can display the panel and, depending on your configuration, you will see either one start and stop time entry per day or multiple lines.

The panel allows Start times and End times for each day or if you use multiple starts and stops, the starts and stops can control multiple starts and stops to the day for breaks like lunch or a split shift.  The time between the start and stop can be calculated.

Some clients have configured the Start / Stop times to be used for validation rules, with the indication being that the right-hand panel of the timesheet must account for all the time the user was at work.  For some clients, this is used more as an exception report as the calculations for the last day of the timesheet period is complicated by the request for users to complete their timesheet before they leave so the timesheet’s ending time for the day may not be clear  until the next working day.

Some clients use the Start / Stop panel but make it read-only and have the data populated by external attendance systems like door-access systems or punch clocks (ok, no one really punches a card anymore – but we still call them punch clocks).

However you need to use the Start / Stop panel, TimeControl can display it or hide it with a single click, leaving you with the flexibility to track this time or not as you require.