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Security resources for TimeControl are plentiful

Here at TimeControl Headquarters, we think about security all the time.  Security for modern day applications is a multi-faceted conversation.  We have to think about keeping TimeControl safe of course and that effort goes all the way into the architecture as we think about database access, application protection and more.  With TimeControl Online we have to consider the environment as well including the servers, malware protection, monitoring and more.

Aside from keeping the application and its underlying structure safe, we have to also think about security from an application standpoint.  TimeControl’s internal security includes everything from authentication and single-sign-on to data access, menu control and down-to-the-field level controls on every aspect of the product.

We use the OWASP security standards to test TimeControl and test for any vulnerabilities and eliminate them before TimeControl users would ever encounter them.

Aside from our own testing, we have a third party conduct a security audit to ensure we are SOC II certified.

Because TimeControl is available both for an on-premise deployment or as TimeControl Online, our Software as a Service subscription in the Cloud, there are different resources for thinking about TimeControl security.  Take a look at the TimeControl On Premise Security Architecture or the TimeControlOnline Security Architecture white papers for an in-depth look at security or stop by the TimeControl Security page for more information.