New Lessons in the Free TimeControl Training area

We continue to post new lessons in the free online TimeControl Training area. Each of these mini lessons last from 3 to 6 minutes long and it’s a great way to see some of the functionality of TimeControl working. Some of the newest lessons include:

The Drill Down Analyzer

One of the most powerful tools for TimeControl Administrators is TimeControl’s Drill Down Analyzer. This tool allows Administrators to group incredible volumes of TimeControl data very very quickly by a virtually unlimited number of criteria. It’s a perfect tool for answering ad-hoc questions that might otherwise require hours of design of a report or having to export and analyze the data in other tools. The Drill Down Analyzer allows you to simply drag colums of data into a hierarchical view and then see the result instantly. Duration, 4 minutes.


Sometimes a person’s timesheet responsibilities must be completed by someone else due to an extended absence. For example, a supervisor might have to have someone else approve the timesheets for their department while they’re away for a couple of weeks on vacation. TimeControl handles this type of requirement very elegantly with Delegation of an Alternate User. In this case, the user assigns their rights within TimeControl to someone else and in the background TimeControl keeps track of who actually was in the system. Duration, 3 minutes.

Missing TimesheetsOne of the hardest things to do with timesheets is find them! TimeControl can track not only the timesheets that are missing from the system but also those which may be stuck in the approval process. Take a look at how to create the Missing Timesheet Report and the Automatic Missing Timesheet Email Notification. Duration, 5 minutes.


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