Microsoft / HMS Software relationship turns 29!

Microsoft Partner Network, Chris Vandersluis, Christopher Vandersluis, Christopher Peter VandersluisMicrosoft has renewed HMS Software’s membership in the Microsoft Partner Network for a 29th remarkable year.

The Microsoft partner system has changed names and directions in those 29 years but the work between HMS and Microsoft has been a constant.

HMS started its formal relationship with Microsoft as a solutions partner in 1995 and our primary objective was to integrate then new TimeControl system with Microsoft Project.  We integrated with Project version 4 and the just-released Project 95

“In 1995 it seemed like such a simple conversation,” explained our president, Chris Vandersluis.  “We would move data in and out of Microsoft Project and Microsoft could point to TimeControl if ever a prospective client asked where to find the timesheet. We quickly discovered that the integration required a more intimate understanding of how Microosft Project processes progress.  Given HMS Software’s history with project management software, that was right up our alley.”

Over the years HMS has adapted our relationship to keep up with so much more than one product link.

TimeControl can be tied to Microsoft 365, SQL Server, Azure 365 Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and of course, Microsoft Project, Project Online, and Project for the Web.  The ongoing relationships with Microsoft is at multiple levels both for business and on the technical side.  As Microsoft Project and other elements of Microsoft technology evolve, TimeControl is adapted to include them.

Microsoft technology is used to deliver TimeControl Online, HMS Software’s in-the-cloud subscription timesheet service and TimeControl on-premise.  Other technologies used can vary from client to client. Windows Server is the platform for the server and some clients will combine the TimeControl Online service with Microsoft Project, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, or Dynamics.

Using HMS Software’s TimeControl either in the cloud or on premise with Microsoft technologies allows clients to enhance their business processes to comply with numerous timesheet requirements such as simultaneous project tracking, billing, HR management, payroll, job costing and auditable governance such as R&D tax credits, DCAA or Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

To help find HMS Software resources on the many different Microsoft technologies TimeControl interacts with, HMS has a free resources portal .  The portal includes numerous resources including white papers, webcasts, PowerPoint presentations and more.  The TimeControl Microsoft Technology Portal can be found at: