Managing banked time with TimeControl

Keeping track of banked time is one of the fundamental reason for purchasing a timesheet system.  Every company has it’s own policies which offers employees certain types of non-standard time that that needs to be kept track of.  Vacation time, personal time and sick days are the most common and that is why they come as part of the default set-up in TimeControl.  These can be modified or added to for a total of 9 banks per employee. 
Hours are allocated to each of the banks through the employee table. As the employee draws from the banks, TimeControl keeps track of the time taken.  When users log into TimeControl they will see a table of banked time on the main dashboard.  This table shows the allotted time, time taken and time remaining which allows employees to keep track of their own banked time.
Validation rules can be created to ensure that people are not taking more hours out of a bank than is available.  Also, employees can use the TimeRequest function to request permission to take time from a particular bank when permission is needed. 
For more information please check out the webcast entitled Managing Banked Time which is available in the TimeControl Online Learning Center.

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