Gunnison Case Study of TimeControl Industrial Online

Gunnison Company, TimeControl, TimeControl Industrial Online, TimeControl Online, Chris Vandersluis, Christopher Vandersluis, Christopher Peter VandersluisWe’ve all experienced a power failure, sometimes in the middle of miserable weather.  But, we don’t always think of the army of workers clearing the power lines to get our lights back on.  They’re trimming branches, cutting trees, moving fallen trees and sometimes just doing the maintenance of all that vegetation so we don’t experience that power failure in the first place.

For Gunnison Company, that’s an everyday focus.  More than 1,000 strong their personnel, bucket trucks and a vast array of equipment fan out across the Southeast to help keep us safe or help us in the worst of times.

In 2022, Gunnison made the decision to deploy TimeControl Industrial Online to manage how the time of all these workers was being spent.  Following their configuration and design, they extended their implementation to also track equipment in the field using TimeControl so both crews and equipment could be managed.

Gunnison Co. have generously shared their experience in deploying TimeControl in our latest Case Study which you can read online.

We appreciate our partnership with Gunnison Company and their being a part of the TimeControl family.  Read more about their TimeControl implementation experience at