Drop a newsfeed into your TimeControl Dashboard

The TimeControl dashboard is a remarkable thing.  Aside from pie charts, announcements, employee time banks and more, you can also drop a link to almost any kind of web-enabled file.  We’ve talked about using this feature in the past to show an externally hosted dashboard but have you ever thought of putting your newsfeed into TimeControl?  It’s crazily easy to do.
Dashboard with Twitterfeed
Here for example is a TimeControl dashboard with the TimeControl Twitterfeed right in it.  Most social media sites allow a feed whether it’s an RSS feed or something designed like Twitter has here, as an embedded widget.  We used the Custom URL type in the right-hand window when defining the dashboard and then we pointed to a file which had the needed widget from Twitter.
For this example we created a file which we like so much, we’re going to put it in as a default for Administrators in future deployments.
This file embeds code that Twitter gives us for just this type of exercise.  The file is open to anyone who might want to use it for their own TimeControl.  Our Twitter feed is the same one that appears on our www.timecontrol.com site.
The file is located at: www.timecontrol.com/docs/TimeControlTwitterFeed.html in case you want to use it for your own Administrator Dashboards.

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