Changing how TimeControl searches for things

We don’t think a lot about basic functionality like searches in TimeControl but the way the search function appears to users at different times can be dramatically affected by administrator options.

The Searchable Interface is located in the Maintenance section and typically only visible to Administrators.  Adding fields changes what fields will appear in the search dialog

Let’s say that we have decided to have users be able to see if a Charge Code is Billable or not or if it is an eligible R&D charge or not.  If we go to the Charge table options we can add those fields to the default Charge Code and Charge Description:

Now when any user goes to the timesheet, they will see those additional fields and be able to sort by them just by clicking on the header of that field:

The changes will affect changes will affect all users and adding many, many fields could make the search dialog too cluttered and harder to navigate so make your choices carefully.

The Searchable Interface is just one more way that TimeControl flexibility help TimeControl adapt to each client’s needs.