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TimeControl Online includes an optional Sandbox!

One option that almost all TimeControl Online subscribers opt for is a TimeControl Sandbox.  This service is tied to your production instance of TimeControl but is a completely separate instance of TimeControl operating on the same server.  The parallel service allows administrators to replicate the production database and test new reports, modifications, Validation Rules, Accruals Rules Links and more in a way that will not interrupt the production usage of TimeControl Online, TimeControl Industrial Online or TimeControl Project.  The cost is a fixed amount per year and is associated to the subscription.

The cost is a small fixed price per year regardless of the number of users on your TimeControl Online subscription.

Here’s how it works

TimeControl Sandbox Restore screen, Chris Vandersluis, Christopher Vandersluis, Christopher Peter VandersluisThe sandbox instance is logged into separately and has its own URL.  Once in the instance as the administrator, you go to Maintenance/System and you’ll see a button called “Restore from Production” that isn’t visible from a non-sandbox TimeControl.

Clicking on “Restore from Production” will move all production data into the Sandbox and will turn off any scheduled services.  Now you have a current copy of the production data on which to experiment.  If you make a mess, not to worry, you can redo the Restore from Production whenever you want.

Here are some notes to be aware of:

  • You can never restore the Sandbox database back into the Production database. This prevents any possibility of damaging the production database.
  • If you are satisfied with the new Filter, Report, Validation Rule, etc, that you have created in the Sandbox, you can move those items into the Production system with the Export Packages function.  Then use the Import Packages function in the Production system to imports those items.
  • The Scheduling Service in the Sandbox is automatically turned off at the server level. This prevents any unexpected transfers, emails or other schedulable services from occurring and avoids pushing data twice to corporate, or project systems.

The TimeControl Sandbox is available as an option for all TimeControl Online, TimeControl Industrial Online and TimeControl Project subscriptions and can be added to an existing subscription at any time.  To find out more or to inquire about pricing, contact HMS at or email