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Thanks to Ascendant for a great letter!

Ascendant Ascendant is a Bermuda-based firm which supplies critical utilities to Bermuda’s residents and community.  Caroline Rance, Ascendant’s VP of Information Technology sent a great recommendation for TimeControl based on their successful implementation from over a year ago. 

Caroline’s letter can be read at:

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Thanks for a great letter from Aedon Consulting!

aedon_consultingCarolyn Gavsie the office manager of Aedon Consulting in Canada’s west coast recently sent us a letter explaining how delighted they are to have moved from a manual timesheet system to TimeControl.  Aedon is a consulting services firm working in the utilities industry.
Carolyn’s letter can be found at:
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Have you seen the letter from Esterline?

Esterline_logo Esterline is a UK-based manufacturing company specializing in aerospace and defense products.  Anne Vokal, Esterline’s IT Project Manager sent us a lovely letter about the success of their TimeControl deployment since last year. 
You can read Anne’s letter at:
More testimonial letters can be found on the TimeControl Testimonial page.

AGI Automation finds TimeControl invaluable!

It must be the season for compliments and we feel particularly thankful for some of the remarkable letters we’ve been receiving from our clients lately.  The latest is from AGI Automation.  AGI is an automation services integrator working in the oil and gas industry.  They’ve been using TimeControl for some time and have integrated it with their internal billing and payroll processes.  TimeControl is a key element of the AGI project control process according to Garry Ingham of AGI.  His letter “highly recommends TimeControl for any sized company looking for a project-driven, intuitive time entry system…” 
Is it any wonder why we think of our clients as partners?  You can read Garry’s letter in its entirety at and you can find out more about AGI Automation on their website at