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TimeControl Branding with your own logo

For many organizations, making TimeControl their own is a key element of deployment.  TimeControl allows you to brand your instance of the system with two logos.  The logos appear in the login screen and header of the interface.

Login Screen Logo

On the login screen, there is a transparent GIF graphics file which is shipped with TimeControl.  The file name is CompanyLogo.gif and it is expected to be no larger than 300×300 pixels.

You can edit and save a replacement file which will appear in every login screen.  We’ve turned the color of this one into a solid grey so you can see where it is placed but you can enter whatever you wish in the GIF file.

Interface Header Logo

In the main interface there is also a transparent GIF file which is located in the header directly to the right of the main TimeControl logo.

The filename is smallCompanyLogo.gif and it is expected to be no bigger than 300×45 pixels.  Again we’ve recolored this example into solid grey so you can see where it is placed.  You can edit this file and your branded image will then appear to the right of the TimeControl logo.

The files are located in the TimeControl Server directory: /Webfiles/Images/Logos/.

Just a reminder though, HMS does not support removal of the TimeControl logo or trademark notice at any time.

Full instructions are available from the HMS Support staff or in the TimeControl Reference Guide.


Installing TimeControl 6 on a 64 bit server with Oracle 11g+

We’ve encountered an unusual condition when clients are installing TimeControl 6 on a 64 bit server with the very latest Oracle 11g.  Most 64 bit installations go forward without incident but, if you are installing your TimeControl on a 64 bit server and you are using Oracle 11g or later
Because TimeControl’s architecture now includes elements that are both in 64 bit and 32 bit.  When TimeControl is installed on a 64 bit server and the Oracle 11g or higher driver is installed, you will need to do some specific configuration in order to have the TimeControl Transaction Server (TTS) (in .Net) connect through the 64bit Oracle supplied driver and the TimeControl Administration Transaction Server (ATS) connect through the 32bith Oracle supplied driver.
Do this you will need to create multiple Oracle homes by installing Oracle 32bit and Oracle 64 bit client. For more information on installing and configuring multiple homes please refer to Oracle documentation.
First, install both the:
Oracle 32 bit Client Software (minimum Runtime installation) and the; * Oracle 64 bit Client Software (minimum Runtime installation)
Next, create an environment variable called TNS_ADMIN to point to the location of your tnsnames.ora file. For more information on creating environment variables, refer to your Oracle documentation.
Now update your tnsnames.ora file to have the connection information for your Oracle data.

Now you’re ready to install TimeControl or run the TimeControl database configuration tool.