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What’s new in TimeControl 6.5

TimeControl 6.5 is now available and it represents a major evolution of TimeControl since 6.4.  Aside from HMS Software’s ongoing work to migrate administrative functionality away from ActiveX controls and our improving TimeControl’s ability to allow Administrators to use multiple devices and browsers to access and administer the system, HMS has added a major new reporting-writing engine, a completely new link option for linking to our new alliance partner Hard Dollar’s HD project cost and estimating system and significant improvements in both performance and other functionality.  These notes reflect updates in TimeControl since version 6.4.4. 
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An all new report writer
GraphicsReport_12Long known for its incredible flexibility, TimeControl now extends that philosophy to reporting with a new WYSIWYG reporting engine that allows both tabular and graphic reports, complete format control and even calculated fields.
The new TimeControl Report Designer is so extensive; we’ve only just scratched the surface of its capabilities.  Users will be able to quickly create TimeControl reports by just dragging and dropping fields into the layout and, once they have been designed, reports can be displayed on almost any browser including even tablets and Smartphones.
Administrators can create new tabular or graphics reports and can group and summarize at will using the new TimeControl Report Designer.  NewReport_ReportDesigner_ProjectTable PreviewThe designer also allows things that TimeControl users have asked about including complete font control element, by element, the ability to add logos, images, shapes and control colors, the ability to conditionally change formatting (for example, displaying negative numbers in red), and even the ability to add calculated fields.
Once created, the new reports are displayed in TimeControl’s multi-browser architecture which means they are able to be displayed on many different pc browsers and devices.
In addition to being able to save data in an Excel format, just as the old report writer did, Users can also save data in PDF, XML, JPG and a variety of other formats.  The new TimeControl Report Designer comes with a new 230 page Guide which will help you learn your way around the new functionality.
For those who are now hyperventilating, thinking of all the investment in your existing TimeControl reports, don’t worry.  We are maintaining support for both report writers for the foreseeable future.
New Dashboards
Dashboard_PieChart_2We’ve done a complete rewriter of the TimeControl Dashboard creator in our multi-browser architecture and even added a brand-new pie-chart type.  You’ll now be able to create or update Dashboards for the system or for users in any browser or device.  TimeControl’s support to display dashboards in any browser or device remains unchanged. 
Updated System PreferencesSysPrefs_GeneralTabWe’ve rewritten System Preferences within our multi-browser architecture and that means Administrators for the most part can update settings for TimeControl from any device or browser without requiring an ActiveX installation.  The new updates have been improved not only for look and feel but also for ease of use and effectiveness.

Updated Validation RulesValidationRuleWe’ve rewritten the Validation Rule creator to allow you to use any browser of device and be much more effective working through adding or editing a business validation rule.

All new Manage LanguagesThe multi-lingual module of TimeControl has been rewritten into TimeControl’s multi-browser Manage_Languages_2_Grouped_by_Categoryarchitecture and while doing so we’ve improved not only the look and feel but also the find, replace and pilot grouping capabilities similar to the Drill Down Analyzer that will make managing multiple languages in TimeControl much more effective.  The function will no longer require an ActiveX to load which means you can use this function in any browser, pc or tablet device.

Manage External Tables
Manage_External_Tables_Manage_Links_ShortTimeControl 6.5 moves the Manage External Tables module to TimeControl’s multi-browser architecture and will make linking to external pop up lists and other external data much easier.  The function will no longer require an ActiveX to load which means you can use this function in any browser, pc or tablet device.

Updated LinksIF_ProjectServerWe have completely rewritten the Links modules with an update to the Interface Definition, the Connection Pool and other linking functionality which will serve to improve TimeControl’s already extraordinary ability to link to project management tools

All new Hard Dollar link
HD-TCi-HD_LinkThis version of TimeControl showcases our newest Strategic Alliance Partner, Hard Dollar.  Hard Dollar’s HD project estimating and cost control system is one of the premiere cost control packages in the world.  We have worked directly with the Hard Dollar development team to create a link to and from TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial so that users who do field data collection of labor, material, equipment and production values with TimeControl can have that data integrated with Hard Dollar. 
Link both Hard Dollar and PrimaveraOur link with Hard Dollar’s HD required a different kind of thinking that previous links because tc_hd_p6we wanted to support a simultaneous link with project scheduling software such as Oracle-Primavera’s P6.  TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial 6.5 can integrate with P6 and HD at the same time, making this combination a uniquely powerful project cost control environment.  Create the Project in HD, track the progress in TimeControl or TimeControl Industrial, plan and manage the project in Primavera and all 3 products are kept up to date.
If you are a TimeControl client with a current support and maintenance contract, you can download TimeControl 6.5 today at  If you would like a demonstration of TimeControl 6.5 or to discuss the status of your support and maintenance contract, please contact