TimeControl Flexibility allows for many use cases to be solved at the same time

We’re often asked at HMS if TimeControl is a “customized” timesheet solution.  Do we start with the basic template then customize the code to meet a client’s needs.

We do not.

But it might seem that way from the degree of flexibility that TimeControl is designed around.  Every copy of TimeControl is the same code as every other copy and that’s true both for on-premise and our TimeControl Online in the cloud.  But beyond the code there is so much more that can be done to configure the system.  That includes the way that TimeControl can adjust to the needs of many parts of an organization simultaneously.

As a result, TimeControl can be used for multiple use-case scenarios at once.  We’ve put several onto our website and there are certainly limitless more.  But, here are just a few from our TimeControl Solutions Page:

Project Management system integrations

TimeControl includes more existing integrations to project management tools than any other timesheet product in the industry.  These includes Microsoft Project on-premise, Project Online, Project Server, Primavera Pro, Primavera EPPM, ARES Prism, BrightWork, JIRA, InEight’s HardDollar and Deltek’s EPM systems.
See more at: www.timecontrol.com/use-cases/project-tracking

Human  Resources

TimeControl includes the auditable controls that allows it to be used for all the entitlements that HR tracks including vacation, sick leave, personal time off and more.  Also, banked time and vacation requests are a part of the product.
See more at: www.timecontrol.com/use-cases/human-resources


TimeControl is often used for the time and attendance that is needed by payroll and is easily integrated into payroll systems whether they are online services or on-premise systems.  Being auditable is a key part of acceptance by the payroll department.  TimeControl can track limitless numbers of rates, overtime, double time, unpaid time etc. and can tracked banked time and other payroll elements as well.
See more at: www.timecontrol.com/use-cases/time-and-attendance

Time and Billing

For some organizations not only do staff need to be paid using timesheet data, clients also need to be invoiced based on that data.  TimeControl can handle both simultaneously.  Because of TimeControl’s remarkably extensive rate structure, internal payroll rates and billing rates can be tracked at the same time.
See more at: www.timecontrol.com/use-cases/time-and-billing

Industrial Crew field data collection

Using TimeControl’s Industrial version, organizations can also deploy field data collection of Crew Timesheets, Material Consumption, Equipment Usage and even production accomplished.
See more at: industrial.timecontrol.com/features/crew-timesheet

We’re only touching a few popular items.  Take a look at the Use Case Solutions list at: www.timecontrol.com/use-cases.  For features specific to TimeControl Industrial, go to industrial.timecontrol.com.